Hebrews 11


Photo: Ghent, Belgium

God wants to use us, wants to grow us up, wants us to be strong and wise and courageous. He doesn’t appear terribly interested in making sure we are comfortable. – John Ortberg

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First things first


Photo: Amsterdam

Reminder about what is truly important:

1) God

2) Our own souls

3) Others’ souls

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Stop and Pray


Photo: Bruges, Belgium

We don’t have to be at a certain place at a certain time to pray. Praying for the heart to be tender, for the eyes to be opened, and for the ears to be sensitive. Whenever there is a chance and occasion, stop and pray.

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Keep Walking


Photo: Kinderdijk, Netherlands

A friend shared her reflection about serving in the worship ministry during our recent meet up. To which she said, “Some people are so caught up in their serving that serving in itself becomes an idol. She said sometimes people are really doing it for themselves when they think they are serving God. She felt that that could also happen when people felt like they got to do something which they find difficulty doing but still do it anyway. I was wondering whether she was talking about me.

She added by saying that she has got past all of that and she can say for certain that she’s playing only for herself. I am not sure which is worse, knowing for certain that she is playing for self or being deceived that we are playing for God only to be playing for our own glory. Then again, I am most probably judging. I learnt through this current preparation on Matthew 7 that we can discern but judgement belongs to the Lord. I guess it boils down to the intention of our hearts, and if indeed, we are deceived that we are serving for our own glory and not for God, with the right attitude and heart in seeking God regularly, I believe the Holy Spirit will reveal that to us, that I shared with her.

Today, in my discouraged state, my thoughts were this: it is only when I think I am doing this for myself that I can keep going; setting aside time to serve, to give, to prepare for facilitation, I grow, grow in knowledge of the word, grow in confidence, grow in practice, grow in perseverance, persistence, it is all for myself, the gain is mine. That’s how I keep going.

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It is only but a while more..


Photo: Hyams Beach, NSW

It is only but a while more.. it is only but a while more before this facilitation series ends and I can take a rest during cg for at least two months. It is only but a while more before renovation ends and there won’t be a need to run renovation-related errands. It is only but a while more before I spend less time on the road, driving all around Singapore. It is only but a while more before the holiday comes, and I get a real break. It is only but a while more before I settle in at my new home, where I can begin a new phase in life. It is only but a while more before I can focus on paying off my debts. It is only but a while more that I have more time for myself. I can’t wait for that while more to come.

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His love compels me


Photo: “Open the eyes of my heart”

Up to a certain spiritual maturity, we tend to notice very quickly the differences between God’s ways and the world’s ways/thoughts. I find myself feeling disdain in situations like that many times. My response is to turn away and avoid carrying on the conversation because of my conflict-avoidant nature. Only today when I was reading from Psalms 36 about how God’s unfailing love is vast as the heavens, His faithfulness reaches beyond the clouds and how He cares for people and animals alike, that I am reminded I am just as judgmental as the Pharisees and scribes of those times, when all I do is to notice the differences between God’s ways vs the world’s ways. May God’s transforming power continue to do a good work in me and give me a heart of compassion and love for people and animals alike. His love compels me to love.

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Saturday morning goodie


“A good teacher not only encourages but instructs. Telling what to do is not as effective as how to do it.” – Steven Furtick

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